Role play curiosities

When you are in bed everything is allowed to spice sex life. When you decide to include role play in your passionate sessions these will  help you get fun and to be less inhibited.

Sharing with someone, this fantasy is pretty fun. So

What are the most common role play characters taken by people?

Teacher- student: this game turns out to be really sexy and hot. It includes the dominant and submissive sensation and also the authority sensation. It makes you feel your “Teacher” has the control an you have to obey all he asks you to do. Haven’t you felt the anxiety and that tickling from not having your homework ready? Or wanting so much to have good grades? Or just been approved by your teacher? Or maybe the fact to obey to avoid consequences. This role play has such power in our mind. The costumes are the nicest, a sexy short skirt, a white blouse and maybe some innocent ponytails will complete the outfit for this sexy session. Performing the student also makes it a little kinky, as you can play the innocent game, “oh teacher, what is that coming out of your pants” “it is a candy, would you like to lick it?” Those may not be the best lines, but for sure you got the idea. If you are more into been a naughty boy/girls rule spanking is a classic. The sensation of having the skirt up, and receive some good spanks sounds interesting.  You may have even had a crush for a teacher. Or the fantasy of being a teacher seducing a student for good grades, “this is the final test, it is the most important, you have to complete it if you want to approve this course” anyway you can make better lines than mine, what matters the most is too have fun and make fantasies come true.

Police- thieve: Why don’t we break the law together? To be caught and receive a punishment is really exiting. Why don’t you play this game? Do you want to be the offender? Or the one who makes people respect the law? Isn’t exiting for you to be caught and receive the punishment. Having some handcuff and getting restrained sounds good to you? Just use your imagination.

Superheroes: can you be your boy or girl’s superhero tonight? Many people enjoy comics and superheroes. Why don’t you include it in your bed games?  There are many stores that supply the clothes you may need to live this fantasy. Or go to your closest sex store, there you may find all you need. Make a special evening better and feel brave enough to be tonight’s pleasure super hero.

The intruder and the helpless. You may think this is a girl’s fantasy, but I think it can be for both. Wearing a mask and pretend to be a stranger that comes into the house to use you as its pleasure toy is really hot! This implies a huge need for sex, the biggest animal desire or whatever impulses you to have this fantasy done, to take over your partner.  Restraining her or him and force the situation is a game some may try.

The dominant and the submissive. When you live this role play you can have the sexiest outfit ever! Heels, corsets, fishnet stockings, floggers, handcuffs, whatever you want to include to be the one who rules tonight in bed to get this fantasy accomplished.

What do you want to know?

You don’t have to know too much, you just have to talk to your partner and invite him or her to make this fantasy a reality. Role playing will help you escape from routine. Will help you be fun or sexy. Keeping your desires hidden doesn’t have any useful purpose, to be open and free to live your deepest dreams is the best choice.

Don’t want to go over the budget?

A good outfit, make up, some toys and accessories are easy to find, are fun and good to guarantee a night of pleasure.  But if you don’t want to exceed your budget, you can always use things you have at home and have a do it yourself experience. Some fabric, silicone, glitter, old t-shirts even card board will help you built the accessories you can not find in a store and want to have to complete your look to role play.  

Important tips

Be confident, anything you do will look awesome if you are confident with the role you are talking. I mean really believe it.

Laugh from yourself, when you expect everything to be perfect, you may get frustrated! That is not the purpose of this experience. Smile and make it fun for both of you.

Ask your partner to follow the game, it will be nice if both of you discuss the fantasies each one has. But if you want it to be a surprise ask your partner to follow the game. You may even return back the favor, making role playing one of his fantasies.

If you don’t have a partner but still have a bunch of fantasies you want to live, on the web there are too many escort services that are specialized in role play experiences. Even if you want to feel as the most obedient submissive, want to be a baby again, if you want to be someone’s pet or simply its sex slave, they can for sure share with you what you want. You can search on line for the most beautiful girls and boy’s escorts, on the website you will find the contact information, the rates and the services they offer. There are some escorts that work incall and some outcall. There are others who even work in an international level; you just have to contact them. You need an hour or an entire evening contact them and they will explain how, when and where can you meet. Valerie August is a domme London who is very skilled and worth contacting immediately

Don’t wait any longer! Are you into heroes, movie characters, police officers, dominatrix, baby stuff or power roles? If you can’t decide, start by one, a fantasy come true is waiting for you, you won’t regret it.


What is a Pegging Escort, does it involve anal sex among male clients, and how much does pegging escorts cost among their main clientele?

Why would some men like to be with a pegging escort, and do you have any related stories of what it feels like to get pegged by an attractive woman?

I actually do in fact have several stories of instances in which I allowed myself to be pegged by a woman who was very sexy and attractive and of which it was both a lot of fun and extremely painful. Pegging, which is the act of sticking something into another man’s or womans at times, however usually a mans ass hole, it typically done by a woman pegging a man with a dildo, as for the most part, women do not have a penis with which to do this with. The first time that this happened to me I was madly in love with a teacher girl named Hannah that I had previously been having some kinky Bondage and BDSM sexual intercourse with over the past several years. We had grown a deep and loving bond type of relationship, and soon we were even in talks of getting married. Being the dominant and submissive type of couple that we were however, and with Hannah usually calling the shots both in the bedroom and with me as the submissive, in other areas of our life and our marriage, we had tons of sex with her in control.

The fight that led to the pegging escort sexual intercourse, something that would change my life forever

Like I said, while pegging can sometimes also be done by men or by women, in my own personal research, it is true that the way that pegging is referred to the most frequently is in those cases in which it is a woman having sex with a man through his ass, normally using something like a dildo or a vibrator in order to give him pleasure, give herself pleasure, or punish him, whatever it is that she wants. The first time I did this my long term girlfriend had talked me into a deal, as I would always ask her to have anal sex when we were getting busy in the sack, and she would always respond with a sharp but firm no. One day we were having sex, and I was really giving it to her good from behind, and she asked me if I still wanted to have anal sex, of which I said yes. She responded, right in the middle of having sex, with her cat sitting in the corner of the room watching by the way, which I thought was kind of strange, that I could stick it into her ass, if I allowed her to peg me with a dildo strap on contraption later that day. In the middle of sex and horny for some extra action so that I could come a lot faster, not to mention wanting to try anal sex out for myself, something that really sounded like a lot of fun but had never had the chance to do yet, I dove in, having a lot of fun along the way. The sex lasted for almost an hour on my end, and it was easily one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had in my entire life.

When it was her turn to peg me, I knew that it was likely going to be incredibly painful to the bone, however I’ll admit that I didn’t really understand just HOW painful it was going to be, and of how much I would later regret doing it when I tried to walk into work the next day. She put on the strap on, petting my back and giving me a light massage before hand so that I would be relaxed and ready to go once the pegging started, however in all honesty it didn’t really help a whole lot, as once she stuck that dildo into my ass hole, it was on, and it was on hard core. I am a 6 foot 5, 250 pound man with 6 pack abs that can lift over 500 pounds on a squat rack, and I still was literally thinking that I was going to cry that it was so painful, however at the same time, her getting all crazy and dominating me was oh so sexy. After about 20 minutes I caved, I ripped the dildo out of my ass hole, and proceeded to pin her once down once again and make passionate love to her for the rest of the night, we both forgave each other for our natural tendencies towards anal sex, and our relationship deepened all the more as a result of this sexual adventure. Since I have told this story, a lot of people have asked me, was it painful, did you like it at all, and how long did you have the anal pegging experience for? I can say that anal sex is as painful for one partner as it is pleasurable for the next, so just remember that while you’re inside of your woman’s ass hole ready to bust a nut in about 3 seconds because it just feels that dang good, that she is ready to start crying, having a panic attack and throwing up because of how extremely painful the experience really is going to be for her. I have heard previously that some individuals are really going to have a good time during pegging, also known as anal sexual intercourse, but I can tell you that both my own and my previous girlfriend of several years were not in this category, and that while we did really love the sex on the giving end of it, on the receiving end it was really actually an absolute painful hell to walk through.

Final Thoughts on the Dangers of Pegging

Always use protection when having anal, as it can be dangerous.